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Commodore Format Magazine

Commodore Format was a British magazine for users of the Commodore 64 home computer. All sixty-one issues of the magazine were produced by Future Publishing. These came towards the end of the machine's commercial life - from October 1990 until October 1995.

The launch editorial staff was dominated by journalists who had worked on Zzap!64, including editor Steve Jarratt. Sean Masterson was Steve's deputy, joined by staff writer Andy Dyer. There were contributions from Gordon Houghton and Kati Hamza - heavyweights of the C64 scene - although these were on a freelance basis. Neither Gordon nor Kati was ever based at the magazine's Bath headquarters.

The first issue previewed the new cartridge-based C64 GS (Games System) and Commodore's CDTV. It had 98 pages and - just as with every issue of the magazine - came with a games tape known as the "Power Pack". Issue one's tape included a playable preview of upcoming arcade conversion Iron Man, and the full version of Tau Ceti. It retailed for £1.95.

The magazine's content was varied, but heavily biased towards gaming. Each issue usually kicked off with a news section called "Snippets", with a round-up of the previous month's C64 stories. After initially appearing at the very back of the magazine, The "Early Warning" preview section usually followed. It featured a full-page "scanner" showing how near forthcoming games releases were. Graphics and charts like this made the magazine's information easy to digest and were common. The letters page was next, featuring "The Mighty Brain", a cartoon character noted for its arrogance in answering the readers' questions. "Gamebusters" provided tips and cheats on the latest software releases. The "Inside Info" column (later "Techie Tips") answered technical questions. And every month there was a large review section of the latest games - those scoring over 90% received the "It's A Corker" accolade, and an "Uppers and Downers" box at the end of each review made it easy for readers to see just how good a game was at a glance.


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The Computer Magazine Archives

commodore 49
amiga 9
games 9
format 6
cartridge 5
ormat 5
repairs 5
ommodore 4
rate 4
arcade 3
commodore format 3
frame 3
frame rate 3
game 3
imi 3
sega 3
zone 3
action replay 2
binary 2
cbm 2
elvira 2
fokmat 2
ihe 2
jii 2
mega 2
multiplex 2
ninja 2
oftware 2
poke 2
rasters 2
rrr 2
soccer 2
ssi 2
subscribe 2
tor 2
ttl 2
win 2
aames 1
action 1
adventure 1
affmr 1
ago 1
ago today 1
aliens 1
alses 1
amf 1
andfunkare 1
aoiadvl 1
arcane 1
atari 1
avaiiabie 1
awettiseksihbex 1
axe 1
basks 1
bbbb 1
bblfltlu 1
bbsh 1
bew 1
bfl 1
bibiii 1
biersawisilmm 1
bindbl 1
binder 1
bio 1
biock 1
bist 1
bkitains 1
blhyw 1
blues 1
bndstevb 1
bouuay 1
bppipb 1
braim 1
brain 1
brf 1
broadcasting 1
cajlmagf 1
canohj 1
cbpl 1
cdtv 1
cheom 1
cilrtiiidge 1
cint 1
civiuzation 1
cmmt 1
coatend 1
comin 1
commodorei 1
comsions 1
confusin 1
creator 1
crystal 1
ctpcfr 1
cunaee 1
dcazmmaa 1
deflnmve 1
demon 1
demon blues 1
disk 1
dll 1
donl 1
drive 1
dthm 1
duurrofagmm 1
eamebuaers 1
eamtstips 1
edj 1
eefflee 1
eemng 1
efjengfergkbg 1
ehfi 1
ehp 1
einsifin 1
emmsmmcw 1
eomeii 1
exile 1
fanzines 1
fceat 1
fefwiiij 1
feifinq 1
feim 1
fep 1
fesue 1
ffito 1
ffl 1
fflu 1
fimor 1
fiumrs 1
fjohteii 1
flwjff 1
fmimib 1
fomm 1
fotmat 1
framerate 1
frr 1
fstrad 1
gamebusters 1
gamebusters gamebusters 1
gamegear 1
geos 1
gmttbubhaisl 1
goforgold 1
gol 1
gold 1
goodfings 1
graphics 1
greaifsi 1
gvtby 1
har 1
harwood 1
hawlreye 1
helpod 1
heroquesr 1
hest 1
hhhmi 1
hhs 1
hiiiw 1
hmj 1
hmrek 1
hnnliib 1
horsiman 1
howtho 1
howtofndus 1
hpff 1
hrh 1
hsihiihfxrr 1
htsil 1
huhj 1
huk 1
icr 1
ien 1
ifciffl 1
ifmrt 1
iforld 1
iggr 1
igq 1
iha 1
ihc 1
ihe mag 1
ihp 1
iib 1
iibfsim 1
iie 1
iieir 1
iihwiih 1
iilii 1
iimsi 1
iirs 1
ijf 1
ijigm 1
ijijwjb 1
ilff 1
iliii 1
imbi 1
imf 1
imiagiime 1
immn 1
importrntrs 1
incentive software 1
infilwii 1
english 64
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